Museo Tamayo, Mexico City «Asterismo» Acortar la distancia Contemporary artists living in Berlin

This exhibition brings together the work of 8 artists living in Berlin and takes the shape of a constellation articulated by groups of works that deal with the formal implications that determine the different experiences of space from an individual perspective. As a whole, this selection of installations, photographs, videos, drawings and site-specific works build an approach to the city of Berlin; to issues related to historical and personal memory, the use of architectural space and the experience of the urban phenomena, that in some cases, extrapolates to other cities and even to our conception of the outer space. These artists belong to the same generation –born in the sixties and seventies- that lived the divided Germany and the fall of the wall in their adolescence, or emigrated short after these changes. Besides Germany, the artists come from countries such as Turkey, Austria and Norway. The selection of the artists seeks to build an image of a specific context from the varied methods of production and approach, avoiding the mere illustration and anecdotic description of a geographical context. Also, a very important part of the show is the invitation made to several of the artists in the list to produce site-specific pieces for this show in order to bridge their artistic production to Mexico City by engaging with a total different surrounding. This is the case of artist Lars Ø. Ramberg, who’s work deals with both artistic and social discourses, history and its layers, being his practice a way of inserting questions and statements in the public realm.

List of artists:

Nevin Aladag Daniela Brahm Björn Dahlem Peter Friedl Wiebke Loeper Isa Melsheimer Lars Ø. Ramberg Tilman Wendland