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Copenhagen 2002 10 of the hot-dog stands in Copenhagen are supplied with an electrical agregate and a therapy lamp, made to prevent physical depressions. Every lamp has a text with an anecdote adressing sausage in a social political context. E.g. «You´re full of Bologna», « Es ist Wurst» ( meaning this is stupid/dumb) «pølsevev» (meaning sausage web).

The guys pulling their wagons to town every morning at 6. 0+clock are part of a danish social program for handicaps, allowing them to run their own business and serving fast food in the public.

the law sound like this:

Statement: Extract of: Announcement o law on conpensation for handicapped individuals in professions etc.

Chap. Preference acsess

§ 3. An individual who has difficulties, due to a handicap, in obtaining a regular occupation in ordinary profession is entitled to preferential in relation to availeble posititions with Public Employers, licence to vending stalls etc. and liccence to taxi cab drivi9ng provided individual concerned is as qualified as other apllicants

The new government in Denmark has planned to elinimate this law, to open for free competiotion. The significant hot dog stands will herefore dissappaear. It is a structural entropy of a social integration programme.

The primeminister Anders Fogh Rasmussen from the noeliberal party, opened the exhibition.