Deutsch-Norwegische Beziehungen

Nicht nur Lachs und Würstchen, Hundert Jahre deutsch-norwegische Begegnungen - eine kulturhistorische Wanderausstellung 2005-2008 Die Geschichte der deutsch-norwegischen Begegnungen des 20. Jahrhunderts beinhaltet all die klassischen Elemente, die zu einer echten Romanze gehören:... more


Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin 2005 A 19. min video shows an intreview with one of the thousands of women who were deported from Norway to Germany 1946. The woman tells her story in details, from how her passport was taken, her stay in a prison camp in Norway and how she and others were... more


Museo Tamayo, Mexico City «Asterismo» Acortar la distancia Contemporary artists living in Berlin This exhibition brings together the work of 8 artists living in Berlin and takes the shape of a constellation articulated by groups of works that deal with the formal implications that... more

Transmutation des Chateaux

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Bergen Kunstforening, Bergen Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø As a national institution with intentions to bring Art to the People, Riksutstillinger has existed since 1953. Since Norway is vast country with few urban centers, the social democratic idea was to create... more

FREMDGEHEN- The performance

2003- This is an ongoing project, activated everytime one enters country or leaves one. The owners of the passport are executing the performative work FREMDGEHEN as a protest against the treatment of the Norwegian women from WWII. A number of passports are stamped with the german word... more


Norwegian Embassy Berlin 2005 Several original passports are stamped and a selection of 9 was printed as C-prints on aluminum. The passports were presented in the lobby of the norwegian embassy in Berlin february 2005. more


Copenhagen 2002 10 of the hot-dog stands in Copenhagen are supplied with an electrical agregate and a therapy lamp, made to prevent physical depressions. Every lamp has a text with an anecdote adressing sausage in a social political context. E.g. «You´re full of Bologna», « Es ist Wurst»... more

Vielleicht auch nicht

Die Kunst der Konsenslosigkeit Der Norweger Lars Ramberg und seine Lichtinstallation „Palast des Zweifels“ Wer in diesen Tagen am Berliner Palast der Republik vorbeifährt und den Blick zur Westfassade der Ruine richtet, bleibt unwillkürlich an sieben Buchstaben hängen:... more

"Ohne Haftung"

Anonymous Art Museum Berlin Ongoing project, 2002- The Norwegian artist develops site specific projects. In this work the concept is the mass-phenomena, the blockbuster „langen nacht der museen“. Twice a year all the museums in Berlin invite the inhabitants of the capital to a... more


Oslo Kunsthall 2001 LIVE performance Berlin-Oslo, with Mercedes E-class, 100 kg wiener wurst, Salvation Army brass band, and audio-video projections. more

Les Lignes des Cheataux



BERLIN OSTBAHNHOF Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 2000 Museum of contemporary at Oslo 2002 Berlin Ostbahnhof is a relational project contexualising Berlin history of continuous transformation and lack of historical authenticity. The Project infiltrates reality and changes it. It navigates... more


«Nordische Klang » Greifswald, Germany 1999 I created an installation piece in the old Swedish Castle GRIEBENOW, located just outside the city fortress of Griefswald. The castle is surrounded by a beautifully arranged garden. The building is heavily run down after having functioned many... more

Ich und Du

NORSKE PROFILER Zeche Zollverrein, Museum Folkwang 1997 The title of the piece, «Ich & Du», (me & you) reflects the relations between; Norway and Germany; between industrialism and environment; between water and heavy water; between sponsors and artists; and between artist and... more
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- iSauna

i Sauna PROJECT EXPERIMENTAL ENVIRONMENT Kalavesi, , Kuopio, Finland 1995 Hosted by Kuopio Art Museum In January 1995, I was invited to participate in the «Project Experimental Environment» in Finland. The project was started by five Nordic artists in Copenhagen, 1979. Since then,... more

«i» Folkets Hus

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